How to…..Prune Your Fruit Trees

Pruning of Fruit trees


With spring approaching, thoughts turn to visions of lush green foliage, brightly colored flowers and fresh garden produce.  What better way to get a jump on the spoils of the summer months than prepare your fruit trees for a healthy and productive year?  Late winter to early spring is the ideal time of year to prune your apple, cherry, peach or plum trees.

Why Prune?

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There are several reasons to prune your fruit trees.  Proper pruning can be used to improve the strength and longevity, maximize fruit production and reduce problems associated with insects and diseases.  In addition to the benefits to the tree will result in a more attractive tree that is easier to harvest and maintain.



What to Prune?

The lawn guys SumnerThe strategies for pruning trees at different ages vary, but there are some basic principles that apply to all fruit trees. The first thing to tackle is what branches to prune.  It’s important in all trees to remove all dead branches, suckers and water sprouts.  These three types of branches may be removed at any time of year and may need to be pruned several times a year and may need to be pruned several times a year to reduce potential problems.  When branches are conflicting (rub against one another), cross or grow close together, prune the weaker of the two branches.  This is where The Lawn Guys experience come in to play.  Let us help promote healthy growth this year in your landscape.